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" Become the best version of a Product Manager that you can be with APMC! " - Arunima Sharma (Founder, APM Club)


We are here to create "THE best version of a Product Manager in YOU" through skill development opportunities and resources for building your own PERSONAL BRAND, with a closely-knit community of current and aspiring Product Managers!

It is a product BY Product Managers FOR Product Managers looking to become their best versions, because together we can!


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We offer a wide variety of features and offerings along with providing opportunities for our members to start their own initiatives and/or creating their own personal branding.

Qualitative Networking

Networking Meetups

Product Management is rewarding, competitive and often a thankless job. We offer you a supportive community, and safe space to vent your challenges at work, and meet other PMs in the same boat as you. We’ll host informal meetups, location-specific events and help you leverage the power of your peers.

PM Skill Development

PM Skill Labs

How many times have you tried to work on developing or honing your product skills, but couldn’t motivate yourself? Well, now’s your chance! Spend 1-2 hours with us every week to build on product design, prioritization, roadmapping and other crucial elements that will make you shine at work and be the best version of Product Manager you can be.

Interview Prep

APMC can help you brainstorm and build your brand as a PM through sharing your achievements and featuring your creative work, such as blogs and videos through our exclusive channels. You will receive access to unvarnished feedback and to accomplished public speakers, and personal branding experts in our community who can mentor you in building your presence as a PM

Book Club

Struggling to read that heavyweight book on industry trends? Our book club will give you a chance to read, discuss and analyze the latest books in product management and keep abreast of important trends



Get Involved

Get Involved

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